Our business model is to be more of an administrative company where we are able to monitor the natural disasters around the world and be able to provide aid through a financial donation to the victims. This works very well by working with the local community who has the opportunity to become leaders in the community that we work with in these unfortunate natural disasters.
Our organizationis getting recognized around the world, our team has started to grow worldwide which is allowing more and more communities to have immediate access to our relief program. We also have now had the opportunity to add celebrities and well known athletes to our Advisory Board and are also known as our Ambassadors, who not only help by making their own donations and pledges but actually going out into the field to help victims who have gone through natural disasters.
We have received incredible results from having these individuals added to our organization and would like to thank them very much for helping and seeing our vision to help others. Please take time to learn more about our management team and our Ambassadors by clicking on the “Team” link above.
Please note, as a result of us growing around the world, we have had an incredible opportunity to work with United Nations and the Philippine government on a program to find financial assistance for the recent earthquakes and typhoons that hit the Philippines.

Our model eliminates high overhead cost by allowing us to work with the local communities and when a natural disaster takes place around the world, one of our incredible staff members will arrive at the destination hopefully within 72 hours of the natural disaster.

They will then meet with the local leaders in that community and work with them to provide funds to the victims in the form of a local check or in some cases a AIDFound prepaid debit card where they are able to access the funds immediately. We cannot always provide a prepaid debit card but it is a preferred method of issuing the funds not only because we can track how the money is spent, but we can also upload more money without revisiting the victim if needed.

Working with different Governments around the world, along with community leaders from church groups and other organization groups who are local in the area, not only gives us a way to work with the local people, but also eliminates a lot of red tape that most large disaster relief programs have to go through before being able to help the community. Find out how to become one of the leaders in your community and be part of our team by clicking on the “Leaders” link above.


As our organization becomes more recognized around the world, either through news coverage, word-of-mouth, or through the social environment we live in in today’s online world, the more coverage we will be able to offer families and communities effected by natural disasters. It is for this reason, we ask that you please make sure to spread the word and share our mission throughout your social media accounts right away. With today’s technology, you can make a tremendous change to the lives of natural disasters victims, all from your fingertips!  Please also consider making a monthly pledge today and become part of our community.

We thank you for your support.