Applying for and successfully receiving financial assistance after a natural disaster is one of the most challenging experiences you and your family will ever go through.

Research shows that the majority of cases can take several weeks, if not months, before receiving relief money. If you’re really lucky and have a great insurance company you may receive an emergency check in the first couple of weeks. However, the majority of the time, that’s simply not the case.

It’s not just about the red tape. While you and your family wait and wait for a decision, the stressful effects of the disaster continue to plague you relentlessly: living without electricity or an intact roof, while you desperately try to find a few dollars here and there, just to feed your family.

There is no feeling more helpless than not knowing how to provide the necessities of life for those you love.

This is where AIDFound comes in.
Please understand, AIDFound is not an organization that will provide you enough money to rebuild your home or replace your car. Our goal is to simply “Bridge the Gap” between you and your insurance company or local government, to provide much needed critical financial help over the first few days after a natural disaster. We will, however, do everything in our power to continue supporting you through that painfully long waiting period until yuo finally receive the necessary funds to rebuild. The money we give out are not loans; we do not require you to pay us back, but we do hope that the victims we help will “Pay It Forward”… here will always be another natural disaster happening somewhere in the world where victims will need the same type of support that you received.


The financial burden can be overwhelming during a natural disaster. Remember too, in the event of a natural disaster, usually the entire neighborhood or even town may be in the same predicament as you are in. Even though we cannot help everyone, we work closely with local community leaders in your area… ones who know the neighborhood and possibly even you and your family. This way, our assistance will be much more effective as we try to provide what is really needed by people in your area. Receiving emergency funds for necessities such as clothes, food, transportation, or even generators can provide a much needed morale boost.

Help Us Bridge the Gap

We hope and pray that you will never have to go through a natural disaster. Statistically speaking, however, you will likely come face-to-face with some sort of a natural disaster at least once in your lifetime.

For this reason, knowing that a nonprofit organization such as ours is here to help when the time is right, we hope you’ll see the need to assist us in “Bridging the Gap”. Please, share our organization details with others and, if you are so able, make a small one-time donation or monthly pledge. The good you do now will make a critical difference in someone’s life tomorrow.