s249-25web_katrina-insurance_wide-source-prod_affiliate-91I urge you to consider making a small pledge (even just a few dollars each month would help). You never know when or where the next natural disaster will strike. Whether it be a raging fire or a heavy rain that creates a massive flood; a Category 5 hurricane or an earthquake that can devastate your neighborhood within minutes and without warning… Whatever the disaster may be, anyone can be a victim. If you are not financially prepared, it can be absolutely devastating.
I have many years of experience in natural disaster relief. One of the worst disasters I was ever involved in was Hurricane Andrew, August 1992. I remember going down to Homestead in South Florida and working with victims who lost everything, with no one and nowhere to turn to for help. It was so bad that many couldn’t eat for days, as the Red Cross was unable to get into the hardest hit areas quick enough.


I remember going into one neighborhood and literally handing out a few dollars at a time to as many people as I could, with the limited amount of cash I had on me at the time, just so they would be able to buy fresh water and something to eat from the only store that was opend for miles. I was shocked to find out that some didn’t even have $10 to buy water or food. After that experience, I made a commitment to myself that I would someday do something to make a change.

I sincerely hope that none of you will ever have to go through a natural disaster. But if you, rest assured that we at AIDFound will do everything in our power to help as many as possible.

Help Future Disaster Victims

In addition to donations, pledges, and getting involved in one of our fundraising programs, we also hope that you can tell your friends and families about our organization. In fact, please post our website on any social media sites you may be connected to. After all, one day you or your loved ones may need our help… and now you know where to find us.


Founder and Chairman of the Board