“You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

You’re Awesome. We appreciate your desire to to make a monthly gift to ensure AIDFound can adequately help victims of natural disasters for years to come. Monthly giving creates stable and dependable support for both the giver and the victims covered by AIDFound. This ongoing gift allows us to strategically plan and prepare ahead of time to be on the scene immediately after a natural disaster impacts a community, no matter where in the world the devastation has occurred.

For the giver, this is the easiest and most convenient method of support by just completing one form for the reoccurring payment amount you desire. By December, you can relax as you will already have your tax-deductible giving plan in place to prepare your taxes. And no worries, if your financial status changes, you are able to edit the amount being deducted or cancel your gift at any time, by simply contacting our office via email or telephone.

If you would like to continue on to pledge a monthly gift, please complete the form below. We and future disaster victims thank you for your kind support.

How Much Would You Like to Donate?

No amount is too big or too small. Let your heart move you to help to the capacity that you are able and willing. Remember, someday you or your loved ones may need the same kindness extended to you.

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