Our business model is all about keeping our overhead and operation costs down, to ensure more of your donation goes directly to the cause. We can only accomplish this with your help.

The overhead costs of large organizations such as the Red Cross (who truly do an incredible job) are astronomical. In fact, a common misconception is that such charities greedily take advantage of their donations… this is, more often than not, usually not the case. The simple fact is:

It can be very expensive to help others.

Consider the size of large charities such as the Red Cross, and how many volunteers, employees, and vehicles they need on the road to aid in humanitarian aid all over the world. Additionally, other significant overhead expenses are necessary to keep the organization’s doors open: insurance, specialized equipment, gasoline and supplies, transportation, offices, warehouses, and even branded t-shirts to represent these organizations. When you add up the various costs needed to run teams providing worldwide assistance, it is understandable that often only a small amount of your donations will make it directly to the actual victims. It is a cold, hard fact:


Without exceptional organization like the Red Cross, many victims would be left to fend for themselves. We urge you to please continue making your donations to these incredible causes.


AIDFound approaches disaster relief a little differently. Among several points that set us apart from other much-larger charity organizations is the fact that, by using the latest technologies, we are able to operate with an exceptionally limited number of staff. We are also very unique in that we coordinate with local community leaders who actually know the disaster victims we are wanting to help, sometimes even on a first name basis. Efficiently and effectively distributing needed emergency funds, we are able to bridge the time and money gap for victims waiting on bureaucratic government organizations and insurance companies.

Rest assured, out of each donation we receive, as large a percentage as possible goes directly to the cause! We deliberately keep the size of our staff as low as possible without sacrificing effectiveness in performing our day-to-day operations.

When a major natural disaster strikes, our small team gets right to work, immediately writing checks to help the victims while keeping the overhead costs down as much as possible.

Our minimalist approach is what makes it possible for us to maximize your donation and see to it that it actually goes to those who need it.

Think of It Like This: For the sake of illustration, let’s suppose we have 9 employees on our staff at the time a natural disaster hits, with each one being paid $100 per week. If we had donations that week of $1000, then 90% (or $900) would go to our overhead costs. However, if we had $10,000 in donations that week, then 91% (or $9,100) would go to the victims as our overhead costs would typically stay the same. So, in a nutshell,

The more donations we receive, the higher the percentage given to the victims who need it most.

This is why, while we truly appreciate any contribution, we would prefer smaller monthly pledges over a single large donation.