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The 2015 NGO Conference at the United Nations

United Nations – New York, NY

August 25 – 27, 2015

Our very own Basilio Rodriguez represented the AIDFound at the recent 2015 NGO Conference at the United Nations in New York City. This event was three full days at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and was presented by UN Missions, NGOs, among many others, and was aimed to ensure civic engagement and networking at a special time for the UN family.

The United Nation’s 70th anniversary is a very special time to gather NGOs, celebrate their successes and leaders over many years, focus on the post-2015 agenda of the SDGs, and cast an eye to the future in NGOs.
The cooperation among certain Member States and civil society honors a wish to respect the past successes of civil society, recognize present challenges and opportunities, and focus on the future we all want.


NGOs affiliated with the UN Department of Public Information (UN DPI) and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) face challenges such as lack of funds, political repression, and ever-widening regional divides and income gaps, around a variety of climate, population rates, and human rights issues throughout the world. Gatherings such as the NGO Conference provides enormous impact on these challenges as it allows cooperation, networking, information gathering, and consensus building between and among these NGOs.

Who Takes Part

Modeled after the UN Department of Public Information conferences that have taken place sporadically over the past five years, the 70th anniversary NGO conference was derived from the organizers’ institutional knowledge from these and the long 65-year tradition of NGO gatherings at the UN and around the world.
Culturally diverse delegates are anticipated from across the globe this year. With Permanent Missions’ lead endorsement and a stronger NGO program development, thousands of NGO leaders are anticipated to register and partake in the celebration of UN’s 70th anniversary, and participate in the discussion regarding the UN’s Post-2015 Development Agenda.